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Calculate PayPal's merchant account fees

PayPal has recently increased their fees to 3.49% and $0.49 per transaction. The calculator has been updated.

PayPal Fee Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that helps you calculate the fees associated with a transaction. It allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the fees of sending or receiving payments through PayPal, helping you figure out how much you need to charge or receive to cover the fees. It's a great resource for anyone dealing with online payments!


PayPal is a popular online payment service that allows users to send and receive money securely and quickly. However, as with any service, there are fees involved. These fees can add up over time, especially for businesses that use PayPal frequently. To help users understand how much they will be charged for each transaction, PayPal offers a fee calculator. The PayPal fee calculator is a tool that allows users to calculate the fees that PayPal charges for various types of transactions. The calculator is easy to use and helps users understand the cost of sending and receiving money through PayPal. Whether you are a casual user with a personal account, a professional seller with a premier account, or a merchant/vendor with a business account, PayPal has a price structure for you when you send or receive money. So, if you are asking, "Does PayPal charge a fee?" the answer is a definitive YES. The right question is: "How much are PayPal fees?" The PayPal fee calculator will help you demystify the fees and make sure you're not overpaying. The PayPal fee calculator is an essential tool for anyone who uses PayPal frequently, as it allows users to see how much they will be charged for each transaction. This can help users plan their finances better and avoid any unexpected fees. The calculator is especially helpful for businesses that use PayPal for large transactions, as the fees can add up quickly. The PayPal fee calculator is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to calculate fees for various types of payments, including merchant accounts, standard fees, personal payments/sales (domestic and international), micropayments, non-profit, PayPal Here (tm) fees, and virtual terminal fees. All you have to do is enter the amount you want to check, and the calculator will do the rest. There are other fees associated with PayPal that users should be aware of. For example, PayPal charges a fee for currency conversion when users send money internationally. The fee is a percentage of the transaction amount and can add up quickly, especially for large transactions. In addition to the fees charged by PayPal, there may be other fees associated with using the service. For example, some banks may charge a fee for transfers to and from PayPal accounts. Users should check with their bank to see if any fees apply. One of the advantages of using the PayPal fee calculator is that it allows users to compare the fees charged by PayPal with those of other payment services. This can help users choose the best service for their needs and save money in the long run.


All you need to do is to
  1. Enter the amount
  2. Click the "Calculate Fee" button
  3. Soon you click the calculate button, your total fees appears just below it.
  4. The tool also shows the money you'll receive after deductions. Even, it shows you the money you should ask for a certain amount after fee deductions.